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IMP is our universal flexibility technology, building on iDSR, this technology facilitates automated local balancing using IoT.

IMP control is fully distributed and allows for the creation of instant virtual grids to enable a fully economically balanced energy system that accesses the full potential of all appliances connected to the grid. IMP fully integrates with standard domestic and non-domestic controls and operates in accordance with consumer preferences and needs. IMP is low cost and is required to protect consumers from flexible pricing whilst enabling a flexible energy market to develop.

IMP provides the fine control needed to maximise flexibility within the grid as well as the settlement of every micro response that makes up that flexibility. We are currently identifying funding options and partners for IMP both nationally and internationally.

Utility Intermediaries Association Presentation
Invited talk entitled Technology and the Energy Market...
Smart Energy Systems Funding
Start-up GridIMP has been awarded £1M funding under the government’s non-domestic demand-side response (DSR) competition....