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The gridIMP Hub

Our hub forms an integral part of our services and includes computing capabilities. Located on-site, the gridIMP Hub can send and receive communications, command signals and data feeds from multiple on-site components. These include: the fiscal energy meter, gridIMP switches, existing energy management systems such as BMS, SCADA systems and IoT sensors. This wide connectivity makes our Hub suitable to meet the needs of each installation.

This highly cost-effective component allows us to deliver high-quality energy management & analytics, as well as automated DSR response.

With inbuilt capability to receive updates businesses can be first to benefit from future market changes.

GridIMP hub
gridIMP Dashboard

The GridIMP Cloud.

The gridIMP Cloud is responsible for registering and maintaining our network of distributed gridIMP Hubs. When the Grid or a DNO (Distribution Network Operator) triggers a DSR response action, known as ‘dispatch’, these signals are passed through our cloud infrastructure to the individual Hubs on-site.

The gridIMP Cloud is also where our clients can access their web based energy dashboards, giving insights into energy usage patterns and opportunities for Load Shifting or DSR participation.