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Real time dashboarding with simple set up, capturing energy tariffs and operational hours. Providing clarity on energy, power, cost and carbon used by specific plant, processes, buildings or the entire business for each half hour.

Allows for:

  • Informed planning, investment and verification of actions taken to reductions in energy, power, cost & carbon
  • Faulty / poor performing equipment to be identified
  • Business resilience, securing business energy needs
Dashboard Screen
Carbon reporting
Carbon Icon

Carbon Reporting

Identify the carbon impact of plant across the business to target actions that support objectives, reporting and future investment in the reduction of carbon.

energy reporting
Energy icon

Energy Reporting

Essential reporting for internal or external benchmarking and energy compliance such as ESOS, DEC & SECR.

power reporting
Power icon

Power Reporting

Clarity on power & capacity requirements, including power spikes or anomalies. Informed investment in low carbon technologies such as Electric Vehicle charging or electrical heating.  Allows management of power demand, lowering the risk of operational interruption (from power outages) and increased capacity charges as operations expand or new plant increases overall power demand.

Cost Reporting
Cost icon

Cost Reporting

Total energy cost for any time period and detailed running cost of plant, giving clarity on investments, finance planning & bill reconciliation

Activity Tracking
activity icon

Activity Tracking

Reporting automated actions taken by each impHub for optimisation, load shifting, or flexibility services and the savings or new revenue generated.

Other Features

Multiple users

Multiple system users


Clustering to enable bespoke reporting

Guided setup

Simple guided set up

CSV Upload

Ability to add historic data via CSV upload