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The gridIMP Report provides an interactive view of electricity demand in the UK*.  The demand report decomposes energy demand by region and consumer type.  The regions are local authority areas. The usage type decomposes into domestic and non-domestic.

The first page of the report includes a map of GB shaded based on total energy usage per region. By clicking on the map you can zoom in on a region and see how much domestic and non-domestic electricity usage it has. You can also see how the area compares with other areas and how the energy usage per domestic meter compares with the UK average.

The second page of the report is a leader-board, showing the highest and lowest carbon** emitters both domestic and non-domestic.

In addition to energy usage, expressed in GWh (Gigawatt Hours) we have calculated the equivalent carbon output in kilotons, so that the environmental impact of the energy usage can be seen.

All figures in this first release are from 2015 and based on data published by BEIS (Business Energy and Industrial Strategy Department), the boundaries are current and published by Ordnance Survey.

We will update the gridIMP Report quarterly and with each release including more recent data and additional features.  In the next release in Q1 2019 we will include data from 2015 to the most recent published by BEIS, to display year on year progression.

Our future goal is for the report to be based on near real-time data from sources including our UK deployment of gridIMP Hubs.  At this point the gridIMP Report will decompose demand by meter class and purpose of use.

* UK Excluding Northern Ireland

Note Northern Ireland is on a separate electricity network from Great Britain. Northern Ireland demand is going be added to the report during a future report update.

** Carbon is used as an abbreviated term for carbon-dioxide

UK energy demand report