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We are developing a unique way to manage the settlement process, placing us in the forefront of demand side energy management.

This new method of measurement & settlement, referred to as dynamic energy activity metering, decomposes metered consumption by usage and device type using advanced analysis of the metering plus activity signals.

Traditionally DSR (Demand Side Response) has been performed using large assets, that will either already have dedicated sub-metering or can easily justify the cost of adding dedicated metering.  However, when a distributed aggregated response is delivered based on multiple smaller assets there are two additional challenges. Firstly, there is the task of accurately metering the individual components without installing lots of costly sub-metering. Secondly, it is no longer as easy to distinguish response from standard fluctuations in baseline usage.

The advantage of our new settlement approach is that behind-the-meter disaggregation of usage is performed using existing metering, without the need to install additional metering on all components, providing a significant cost saving.