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Providing clarity on demand side energy use, allowing businesses to plan their entry into a cleaner, responsive, rewarded and flexible energy market.

Our demand side analytics and energy management services are delivered through gridIMP technology which is cost effective and easy to install. In addition, our systems are highly interoperable and can be configured to capture data from existing BMS (Building Management Systems), SCADA Systems (Supervisor Control and Data Aquisition) and IoT Senors (Internet of Things).

Once our system is installed on premises, data are sent to our secure cloud services, which allows clients to obtain a complete demand side energy picture of their business and the assets within it, for example: manufacturing, lighting, heating or cooling.

Once businesses understand their energy consumption they can implement changes that reduce energy waste and cost, ensure business resilience and enable participation in new energy markets. These new energy markets financially incentivise flexible energy consumption to support the stable running of the energy grid.

Options for our clients typically include:

  • Load Shifting: Shifting consumption to another time, typically when tariffs or non-commodity costs are lower.
  • Demand Side Response: DSR contracts, designed to help the grid manage the network, reward energy users to turn up or down energy use at times of need.

We also provide a fully managed DSR service, where we control the delivery mechanisms and ensuring settlement data is fed back to the grid to enable payment, find out more here.