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Creating systems to deliver a truly flexible energy market of tomorrow…

Multiple factors can inhibit businesses from participating in DSR, particularly with the rapid pace of change being introduced into the market. That’s why we are working on the next generation of DSR, which will be delivered through our hubs, allowing our clients to implement fully automated DSR and keep pace with the changing financial incentives being offered in the market.
Currently in development are:

  • Intelligent Demand Side Response: Backed by the UK Government iDSR is a new innovative and fully automated way to deliver DSR (Demand Side Response)
  • Settlement: A new method of measuring behind the meter activity, in detail, to perform settlement and provide visibility
  • Flexibility: An intelligent autonomous system to manage consumers interaction with flexible energy pricing

As a company our strategy is to build a system to providing energy consumers both access to and protection from the rapidly emerging flexible energy markets.