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Somerset Energy Innovation Centre & SWMAS


New DSR income


Energy & CO2 reduction


Business efficiency funding


Site & Plant

Modern commercial premise over 3000m2, energy efficiency rating A, operating modern BMS system and HVAC system.


Identify and support new / innovative ways to manage and report on energy use to reduce costs and CO2, sharing learning with other businesses across the South West.


Lack of data visibility and BMS issues.

Gridimp icon


Backed by Sedgemoor Council – installation of impHub into existing BMS system, allowing real time energy data to be analysed locally and analysis fed into our cloud services/dashboards.

The Benefits

Provided visibility of cost, energy and power usage across the site, including detail by sub metered asset usage. Identifying saving opportunities & reducing use in peak charging periods.

Visibility of energy consumption by asset type:

gridIMPs client dashboards have provided visibility of the energy consumption by asset type in terms of cost and usage within the building.

System Optimisation:

Identification & resolution of system errors: Identified HVAC scheduling was incorrect and not optimised – resolved issue with automated dynamic control.

Metering Corrections:

Our system identified incorrect sub meter scaling, which we corrected to allow accurate data reporting.

Automated flexible energy use to reduce costs:

Our impHubs have automated when assets use energy, allowing the SEIC to avoid energy use during peak demand and to shift this to cheaper periods without any manual onsite interaction with equipment or user time cost.

Automated control & Capacity Headroom:

The analysis and automated control has enabled the identification of reliable capacity headroom to allow for further EV charging points to be installed without increasing the sites supply capacity, creating an increased amenity as well as a cost and carbon saving.

Knowledge Sharing:

Support knowledge sharing within South West manufacturers, enabling them identify ways to implement business solutions to control energy and CO2.