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As part of our BEIS (Business Energy and Industrial Stategy) funded demonstration project we have deployed our gridIMP Hubs at Wells Cathedral School.  The school is an excellent testing ground for our system, consisting of multiple building on the campus ranging in age from medieval to ultra-modern and ranging in use type from classroom, accommodation to catering through to concert hall equipped with state-of-art heating systems.

Currently gridIMP Hubs are deployed in the following buildings, with further deployments planned:

  1. Cedars Hall: Concert Hall, Practice Rooms and Recording Studios
  2. Cook Building: Maths block incorporating multiple classrooms
WCS rack 1
WCS Rack 2

In both sites the hubs are integrated with the on-site building management systems to gain monitoring and control capabilities. Currently the hubs are configured in monitoring mode, gathering data in preparation for artificial intelligence training.

The next stage of the project will be to create dashboards for the data, which will be included in the schools digital signage systems, to allow pupils and staff to engage with the energy usage and environmental impact of their built environment.

Wells Cathedral School