Somerlap: Manufacturing & Distribution of Timber Goods

CO2: Over 100 tons per annum of carbon saved. Flexibility Revenue: New Flexibility Revenue. Investment: Objectives delivered.

Somerlap: Manufacturing & Distribution of Timber Goods

Working with Somerlap, a pallet and timber product manufacturer who had a set of clear, simple objectives. Invest in new energy efficient plant to reduce energy use, cost, and carbon and create a business that minimised the impact on future generations. We were able to deliver these objectives by installing an impCabinet, allowing them to engage in a new way with their energy in a new way.

  • Analysis for investment

    Our data driven impCloud dashboards provided clear analysis to support significant investment to decarbonise the business, including Solar PV generation, battery storage, operational plant & electric forklifts. All of which have reduced carbon emissions across the site by over 100 tons of carbon per annum and improved site resilience.

  • Procurement of lower cost renewable energy

    By accessing & automating their energy use profile (when they were using energy) Somerlap procured a new 100% renewable energy supply contract, cutting their carbon and saving over 12% per annum on energy cost.

  • Flexibility Revenue

    The site was suitable for immediate entry into Western Power Distribution flexibility programme, allowing them to start making money for providing flexible capacity to their local network, without impacting their operations.


We have successfully helped transform Somerlap into a smart, flexible site and allowed them to achieve their objectives of reducing carbon and costs.

  • 100 Tonnes CO2

    Carbon saved per annum
  • Flexibility Revenue

    Supplying flexile power UK
  • Investment

    Costed efficiency program delivered