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Powered by the impHub, our AI driven fully automated technology takes care of day-to-day energy management decisions, to reduce carbon, energy and generate revenue from flexibility markets.


The impHub is designed for installation in premises operating a BMS (Building Management System), ranging from commercial offices, schools, leisure centres and hotels. It can be easily installed and commissioned by your existing BMS engineers, supported by our Engineering Console, allowing you to get up and running quickly and easily.

The impCabinet is designed for those without a BMS system, allowing Gridimp to work with almost all businesses / non-domestic premises to make them part of the smart grid and capable of providing flexibility. It can be easily installed by your electrical engineering to get you up and running quickly and easily.

impStor is designed to connect existing or new generation and storage assets, such as solar and wind generation or battery storage, to the Smart Grid. It is suitable for all businesses and maximises your assets performance. It can be easily installed and commissioned by your preferred electrical engineer to get you up and running quickly and easily.


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How our Partnerships work

We work with a range of partners to promote a smart, flexible, low carbon network and to develop new innovative solutions.


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