impStor is designed to connect existing or new generation and storage assets, such as solar and wind generation or battery storage, to the Smart Grid. It is suitable for all businesses and maximises your assets performance. It can be easily installed and commissioned by your preferred electrical engineer to get you up and running quickly and easily.


Each impStor contains an impHub, which delivers distributed AI with edge computing along with the appropriate metering and communications needed to participate in energy and flexibility markets. It connects locally to your plant, to make real time energy management decisions to balance and optimise your own behind-the-meter energy use generation & storage and responds to market price signal, energy cost & carbon intensity. impStor is designed to deliver optimised returns whilst protecting your asset, maintaining it longevity and warrantied conditions.

  • 01

    Reduce carbon emissions and cost through peak avoidance and tariff arbitrage

  • 02

    Actively manage & optimise energy flows Behind-the-meter through asset control, load shifting and Smart Grid integration

  • 03

    Generate new revenues by automatically participating in energy and flexibility markets

  • 04

    Manage power demand and shape your energy profile to reduce costs

  • 05

    Reduce export of autogeneration and minimise energy import costs

  • 06

    Accurately simulate the impact of and plan for future investment in green generation & storage

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