Fusion, Universal Smart Energy Framework (USEF)

Successful UK implementation: Proven flexibility trading platform. Automated trade and dispatch: Successful automated flexibility trading. Delivery of smart energy: Increased access to smart network.

New flexibility trading framework

USEF seeks to accelerate the establishment of an integrated smart energy system by introducing a set of common smart energy standards that allows the effective trading and commoditisation of energy flexibility. The FUSION project was the UK implementation trial overseen by SPEN (Scottish Power Energy Networks) with project partners Engie. Our role as technology provider to Engie saw us implement the aggregator side of the USEF standards, integrating with SPENs flexibility platform and successfully automating the trading of flexibility from existing plant at the University of St. Andrews. You can find out more from these sites: and

  • Successful UK Implementation

    Gridimp’s successful integration with SPENs implementation of the USEF flexibility trading platform and plant at the University of St. Andrews have proven that a standardised market model designs can be applied to energy flexibility, allowing it to be automatically traded, dispatched, and settled against USEF trading standards. This supports the commoditization of energy flexibility including automated price negotiation in day ahead & intraday trading.

  • Automated trading of latent flexibility

    Our impHubs installed at the University of St. Andrews successfully identified latent flexibility from existing building services and heating plant, which can be dispatched automatically, without any interruption to the University or time commitment on their side. This latent flexibility was successfully traded against USEF standards to earn flexibility revenue from SPEN. In addition, the University have benefited from carbon and cost savings that are realised through introducing flexibility in their energy use.

  • Ongoing support of USEF principles

    We are delighted that Gridimp have been invited to join the standards body for USEF. Their approach to open-source learning supports our vision of delivering a smart, flexible, clean energy system by bringing real change to how businesses use and engage with energy networks to deliver a cleaner, greener system.


A first in kind implementation of fully automated energy flexibility trading, including automated bidding and settlement.  In future the platform will allow wider participation in the Smart Grid and will support the transition to net zero. 

  • Latent Capacity

    Control automation to existing plant
  • Automated Flexibility

    End-to-end market integration to USEF
  • Flex Revenue

    Supplying SPEN