How we do it?

Our solutions are powered by the impHub, an AI driven, fully automated energy solution for businesses that takes care of the day-to-day energy management decision for you and connects you to the UKs smart grid.

What it delivers

Once installed, the impHub, delivers a range of services that transform your business into a smart, flexible low carbon energy consumer.

  • Automated Energy Management through control of onsite plant: to respond in real time to save cost and carbon

  • Automated participation in flexibility markets: rewarding you with revenue from flexibility markets for being flexible in how and when you use energy without any interruption to your business.

  • Dashboard & investment analysis: visibility and information to drive carbon & cost savings and create a bespoke efficient, low carbon investment plan.

Our simple process

Our solutions have been designed to work in the real world and are suitable for all types of businesses & industries, so that selecting the right solution is easy.

Step 1

Get in touch

Step 2

Select & install your Gridimp solution

Step 3

Start benefiting


  • 1

    Reduce carbon emissions, delivering Net Zero

  • 2

    Reduce energy use and costs

  • 3

    Generate new revenues in flexibility markets

  • 4

    Identify & solve power and energy issues

  • 5

    Create tailored investment plans

  • 6

    Quantifiable data for corporate & environmental strategies

  • 7

    Achieve operational efficiency gains and identify plant upgrades

  • 8

    Generation and storage specification and optimisation

  • 9

    Fully automated service

The impHub, delivers distributed AI with edge computing into your business. It connects locally to (. . . .)

Each impCabinet contains an impHub, which delivers distributed AI with edge computing into your bus (. . . .)

Each impStor contains an impHub, which delivers distributed AI with edge computing along with the a (. . . .)

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