How we do it?

Our solutions are powered by the impHub, an AI driven, fully automated energy solution for businesses that takes care of the day-to-day energy management decision for you and connects you to the UKs smart grid.

What it delivers

Once installed, the impHub, delivers a range of services that transform your business into a smart, flexible low carbon energy consumer.

  • Automated Energy Management through control of onsite plant: to respond in real time to save cost and carbon

  • Automated participation in flexibility markets: rewarding you with revenue from flexibility markets for being flexible in how and when you use energy without any interruption to your business.

  • Dashboard & investment analysis: visibility and information to drive carbon & cost savings and create a bespoke efficient, low carbon investment plan.

Our simple process

Our solutions have been designed to work in the real world and are suitable for all types of businesses & industries, so that selecting the right solution is easy.

Step 1

Get in touch

Step 2

Select & install your Gridimp solution

Step 3

Start benefiting


  • 1

    Reduce carbon emissions, delivering Net Zero

  • 2

    Reduce energy use and costs

  • 3

    Generate new revenues in flexibility markets

  • 4

    Identify & solve power and energy issues

  • 5

    Create tailored investment plans

  • 6

    Quantifiable data for corporate & environmental strategies

  • 7

    Achieve operational efficiency gains and identify plant upgrades

  • 8

    Generation and storage specification and optimisation

  • 9

    Fully automated service

The impHub is designed for installation in premises operating a BMS (Building Management System), ranging from commercial offices, schools, leisure centres and hotels. It can be easily installed and commissioned by your existing BMS engineers, supported by our Engineering Console, allowing you to get up and running quickly and easily.

The impCabinet is designed for those without a Building Management System (BMS), enabling Gridimp to collaborate with a wide range of businesses and non-domestic premises, integrating you into the smart grid for cost management, carbon reduction, and new revenue generation through energy flexibility. Your electrical engineering team can easily install the impCabinet, ensuring a quick and hassle-free setup process.

impStor is designed to connect existing or new generation and storage assets, such as solar and wind generation or battery storage, to the Smart Grid. It is suitable for all businesses and maximises your assets performance. It can be easily installed and commissioned by your preferred electrical engineer to get you up and running quickly and easily.

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