Wells Cathedral School

Cost Savings: 20% reduction in operating costs. Efficiency: Co-efficiency of heat pump verified. Flex Revenue: New Income from flexibility.

Flexibility and efficiency in modern concert hall

Working with Wells Cathedral School, a specialist music school in Somerset, we focused on their newly constructed concert Hall, Cedars Hall. The schools’ objectives were to ensure the energy and cost efficiency of operating the building and establish its green credentials to minimise its environmental impact on the next generation of students. The impHub, installed into their BMS system, allowed us to deliver their objectives and enables the school to provide flexibility capacity to their local network operator Western Power Distribution.

  • Lower energy & carbon

    The impHub allowed us to introduce automated load shifting with the ground source heat pump to avoid peak cost and carbon periods. This minimised its carbon footprint and produced a 20% saving on the Heat Pump Running Costs. In addition, the data captured by the impHub identified billing errors of £10,000 which were refunded by their energy supplier.

  • Co-efficiency of performance of ground source heat pump

    The impHub verified the Co-efficiency of performance of the buildings main heating system, a ground source heat pump, identifying inefficiencies, which were easily addressed, underpinning their capital investment, and preventing poor environmental performance.

  • Flexibility Revenue

    The data gathered by the impHub identified latent flexibility in the schools ground source heat pump and associated HVAC plant, which can be utilised by their local network operator Western Power Distribution (WPD). The impHub provides the school with a market interface to WPD, allowing us to automatically trade flexibility on their behalf to generate income.


  • 20% Savings

    HVAC running costs
  • Flex Revenue

    Supplying WPD
  • Efficiency Savings

    Automated optimisation