Distribution Network Flexibility Services

Gridimp's DNO Flexibility Services

DNO Flexibility

Gridimp are leading the way in delivering smart energy and are transforming businesses into smart, flexible low carbon consumers.  DNO services are a way for businesses to enter the smart network and bring revenue by adjusting their electrical use at certain times of the day.

DNOs are the companies that own the power lines and infrastructure that connect the network to your premises / properties.  There are multiple DNOs across the country, but they each use electrical flexibility to help manage their operations in different locations, known as Constraint Management Zones. 

As providers of DNO flexibility we work via DNOs platforms, such as Flexible Power and Piclo, to bid in and managed access to multiple DNO flexibility markets.  Allowing us to enter businesses into suitable flexibility programmes so that they can start benefiting from participating in flexibility and generating new revenue for doing so. 

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How does the scheme work?

  • 1. Complete our sign up form, which you can request by contacting us
  • 2. Sign up, if you don't have Gridimp technology you will need to provide us with access to your half hourly meter data, so we can register you
  • 3. We will send you an email each Friday, for the following week, to let you know when you will need to adjust your electricity use
  • 4. You will need to 'opt out' to let us know if you can't participate in the following weeks events
  • 5. Turn down your electrical use during the event times specified. If you don't have Gridimp technology installed you will need to turn down your electrical use manually.  If you do, Gridimp can automate this process for you.
  • 6. We will verify with the relevant DNO the volume of electricity you turned down
  • 7. You receive a cash payment for the volume of electricity you turned down

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DNO flexibility? 

DNO flexibility is designed to encourage adjustments in electrical use from users, by paying participants for the difference in electrical volume they use compared to normal at a certain time of day.  Payments are typically between £300 and £1,200 per MWh.  DNO flexibility events run throughout the year to support operations during peak demand periods. 

Why do DNOs use flexibility? 

DNOs use flexibility to support the running of the network.  Allowing more energy to flow across their existing infrastructure, typically during peak times, and allowing more new connections including low carbon generation, EVs and electrical heating.  

Who monitors these flexibility events? 

Flexibility schemes are administered by the relevant Distribution Network Operator (DNO). 

Can businesses take part? 

Yes - the scheme is open to all businesses and their is no minimum volume required to participate.  However, they must: 

  • - Have half hourly electrical meter data, which can be shared with us
  • - Be able to turn down 'typical' electrical use during an event when requested by a DNO
  • - Be in a Constraint Management Zone (CMZ), we can verify this for you

How can businesses use less electricity during an event? 

You can use less electricity during an event by:

  • - Turning off plant that is typically running 
  • - Turning on any generation technologies you have 
  • - Using energy stored in technologies such as batteries

How much could I earn? 

DNOs typically pay between £300 to £1,200 per MWh of electricity adjusted during an event, which is mainly driven by your location.  We will send you cash for the volume of electricity your turn down during each event, minus our fee for aggregation / settlement services for administering your participation in the scheme.  If you have Gridimp technology installed this service will be covered by your existing terms and conditions. 


How many events are there? 

The number of events will vary by location and time of year.  You can contact us for more information. 

Do I have to participate in each event? 

No - you don't need to participate in every event.  We will send you an email each Friday letting you know what events will take place the following week.  We will ask you to 'opt out' of the following weeks events if you can't participate. If you forget to opt out and don't participate you won't be penalised, you simply won't be paid.  We encourage you to take part in as many events as possible. 

How do Gridimp access half hourly data?

If you don't have Gridimp technology installed, we need access to automatically fetch your half-hourly fiscal meter data via FTP as CSV files.  This can be arranged by your meter operator / data aggregator.  All commercial energy users with half hourly meters will have an operator / aggregator. 


Do Gridimp calculate our typical energy use? 

Yes - Gridimp will calculate your typical energy use during a given period in line with DNO requirements.