Somerset Energy Innovation Centre

Optimisation: Carbon & cost savings. Flex Revenue: New income from flexibility. Knowledge: Sharing of flexibility with regional businesses.

Project Summary

Working with SEIC a modern commercial premises provider of services offices in an A rated building of over 3000m2, operating a modern BMS system and HVAC system. Gridimp installed an impHub into their BMS to support the wider of objectives of SWMAS, who managed the building, to reduce their carbon output, energy costs, increase efficiency and share learning from the project.

  • System Optimisation & Carbon Savings

    Our impHub identified system errors. This included the HVAC system, where scheduling was incorrect and not optimised, which was resolved with automated dynamic control. Incorrect sub meter scaling was also corrected to allow accurate data gathering & management.

  • Flexibility Revenue

    The site was suitable for immediate entry into Western Power Distribution’s flexibility programme. The impHub allowed SEIC to start making money for providing flexible capacity to their local network, without any impact on their normal operations.

  • Knowledge Sharing

    The project helped identify and support understanding of new and innovative ways to implement business solutions to control energy and CO2. This knowledge is being shared by the Southwest Manufacturing Advice Service (SWMAS), allowing others to benefit from the impHub installation in the SEIC.


  • Optimisation: Carbon & cost savings
  • Flex Revenue: New income from flexibility
  • Knowledge: Sharing of flexibility with regional businesses

  • Optimisation

    Automated Carbon & Cost Savings
  • Flex Revenue

    Supplying Flexile Power UK
  • Knowledge

    Upskilling Regional Businesses