The impCabinet is designed for those without a Building Management System (BMS), enabling Gridimp to collaborate with a wide range of businesses and non-domestic premises, integrating you into the smart grid for cost management, carbon reduction, and new revenue generation through energy flexibility. Your electrical engineering team can easily install the impCabinet, ensuring a quick and hassle-free setup process.


Each impCab is equipped with an AI-enabled impHub, power meters, and digital communications, enabling energy monitoring, automated control, and seamless interaction with on-site equipment and systems. The result is onsite control to reduce carbon, import costs and generate revenue in flexibility markets.

  • 01

    Enhanced visibility and real time monitoring of energy, power, and carbon emissions onsite.

  • 02

    Reduce energy use & cost through optimisation, efficiencies, flexibility (load shifting) and informed procurement of energy.

  • 03

    Generate new revenues by providing flexibility for the UK energy network.

  • 04

    Minimise risk of exceeding your maximum capacity allowance by automating your energy demand profile.

  • 05

    Access data to support investment strategies for operational efficiency, carbon reductions and cost savings.

  • 06

    Improve the ROI on future investment in green generation & storage assets.

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