Energy and Business Consultants

Working with energy consultants to share our knowledge of flexibility and help identify new ways for businesses to resolve energy problems and deliver their environment and corporate strategies.

Sharing knowledge to support change to a low carbon, flexibility energy network.

Gridimp works with energy consultants to share knowledge of flexibility and how it helps the businesses they work with become smart, flexible low carbon consumers. This includes how & why the energy network is changing, the role flexibility plays in delivering the UKs net zero objectives and how businesses can adapt to realise the benefits of these changes.

  • Supporting decarbonisation programmes

    It’s crucial for businesses to understand the changing energy landscape and how flexibility supports decarbonisation, not only across the wider energy network, but also within their own business, shifting load to avoid peak demand periods. We also deliver real solutions to support the identification of carbon intensive plant and sizing of new technologies for investment purposes.

  • Sharing knowledge on benefits of flexibility

    There are clear benefits for operating flexibly, including decarbonisation, cost savings, new revenue potential and greater site resilience. Decarbonisation, from shifting load out of peak demand/carbon periods. Cost savings from shifting load out of peak charging periods (red band periods) and automating energy profiles to procure better energy tariffs, new revenue from flexibility markets and improved site resilience.

  • New solutions for energy and power issues

    By operating flexibly businesses can impact their energy profiles, adjusting when they use energy, allowing them to minimise the risk of exceeding their maximum capacity, which can incur significant cost. We can support consultants with analysis to support investment in low carbon generation and storage.

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