Energy Solutions Provider

Use the Gridimp platform to add value to your existing services, improve the ROI of your technologies, through automated optimisation, and identify upselling opportunities that deliver real value to your customers.

Upskilling energy technology

Gridimp solutions are designed to be highly interoperable, allowing them to work with multiple technologies to drive additional value and bring a greater level of flexibility to the UKs energy network. We regularly work with different partners to identify and automate the dispatch of flexibility from plant and demonstrate how flexibility can bring a range of new benefits to their clients.

  • BMS & Controls engineers

    The impHub works within BMS systems to provide an interface with flexibility markets, and identify flexibility for automated dispatch and settlement, creating new revenue for BMS users. Installation into BMS systems is supported by our Engineering Console, allowing engineers to install, test and commission the impHub on behalf of their clients.

  • Renewable Technologies & Storage

    The impHub works with renewable generation and storage technologies such as solar PV, Ground source heat pumps and battery storage. It can significantly improve ROI and support onsite resilience, optimising the generation, storage and use of energy across a business.

  • Plant specialists

    The impHub communicates with a wide range of plant, including HVAC systems, refrigeration, and electric vehicle charging points, from which we can provide a flexibility response. We support plant that isn’t connected to a BMS system through our impCabinet solution, which is supported by IoT to undertake communications and control.

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