Energy Networks and Companies

Gridimp is working with energy networks and companies, both commercially and in Smart Energy innovation, to help them to access the vast resource of latent, low carbon flexibility.

Bringing low carbon flexibility to market

Gridimp’s unique technology makes it possible for any business energy user to make their flexible capacity available to the energy network. Our client centric interface to the smart grid unlocks an enormous reserve of latent flexibility in common plant and equipment, as well as that from new low carbon technologies in power, mobility, and heat. Our platform brings this capacity to market in a commodifiable way, meeting market service requirements.

  • Delivering low carbon flexible capacity

    Our automated loadshifting is delivered without any time commitment or interruption to consumers, creating direct value for energy companies and networks. The flexible capacity created can be used for behind-the meter optimisations like tariff arbitrage, automatically shifting loads from peak times, or for dispatch to relieve network constraints. Harnessing loadshifting is low cost, low carbon, competitive against traditional diesel and fossil gas flexibility, supports ‘Flexibility First’ and decarbonisation of the grid.

  • Flexibility market integration

    We have completed several successful market integrations and our platform allows for seamless interaction between networks procuring capacity and consumers providing it. This fully automated seamless approach extends to our platform’s internal mechanisms, for making capacity available, dispatch and settlement. We provide full oversight and data visibility to deliver confidence to both buyers and sellers of flexibility.

  • Flexibility for energy suppliers

    Our solutions automatically shape the energy profile of businesses to adjust when they use energy. This allows suppliers to reduce their nonenergy costs and offer competitive renewal tariffs to their existing customers. Gridimp’s platform can also offer energy companies the option to dispatch their own customers flexible capacity to support energy trading and portfolio balancing activities.

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