The impHub is designed for installation in premises operating a BMS (Building Management System), ranging from commercial offices, schools, leisure centres and hotels. It can be easily installed and commissioned by your existing BMS engineers, supported by our Engineering Console, allowing you to get up and running quickly and easily.


The impHub, delivers distributed AI with edge computing into your business. It connects locally to your existing BMS and makes real time energy management decisions based on your energy use and external factors such as energy cost, carbon intensity of the grid and the need for flexibility from the grid, to control any available, non-critical load. The result is onsite control to reduce carbon, costs and generate revenue in flexibility markets.

  • 01

    Reduce carbon emissions to support delivery of net zero, from optimisation, efficiencies, flexibility, and investment planning

  • 02

    Reduce energy use & cost through optimisation, efficiencies, flexibility (load shifting) and informed procurement

  • 03

    Generate new revenues by providing flexibility for the UK energy network

  • 04

    Minimise risk of exceeding your maximum capacity allowance by automating your energy demand profile

  • 05

    Access data to support investment strategies for operational efficiency, carbon reductions and cost savings

  • 06

    Improve the ROI on future investment in green generation & storage

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