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Somerlap: Manufacture & Distributions of Timber Goods

83 Tonnes

CO2 saved annually


Saving on energy costs


New DSR income


Site & Plant

6-acre site manufacturing with showrooms and offices. Includes production plant, kiln drying & heating, compressed air and E.V. charging.


Reduce energy costs & CO2 emissions across site/operations, enable informed investment & improve energy resilience.


Lack of data to support investment decisions (expected spend £1-2 million) and deliver reductions in energy costs & CO2.

Gridimp icon


Installation of an impHub for automated control and monitoring on key assets, allowing real time data gathering and local processing including feed to our cloud services including dashboard visualisation.

The Benefits

Provided visibility of cost, energy and power usage across the site, including detail by sub metered asset usage. Identifying saving opportunities & reducing use in peak charging periods.

System Optimisation:

System enabled faulty equipment in key process to be identified through excessive energy consumption.

Data Analysis:

In depth analysis of asset use and information to support objectives.

Resilience Planning:

Data supported analysis for onsite battery storage to improve energy resilience & generate income. Also maximised processing efficiency of waste wood material.

Low carbon energy procurement:

Reduced energy consumption & low carbon energy procurement. Detailed visibility of energy use profile and advice on how to influence this, assisted procurement process.

  • Reducing annual energy spend by estimated 18%
  • Reduced CO2 emissions by purchasing energy from 100% renewable sources

Investment planning:

Informing the investment program using data-based examination of investment potential – including CAPEX, OPEX, carbon impact, flexibility(DSR) revenue for multiple technologies.

  • 150kW PV linked to forklift electrification & battery storage
  • 900kW CHP combined system for power generation, kiln drying & space heating

DSR Income:

Identified as suitable site for participation in WPD Flexibility services, using automated control via impHub.