R&D Projects

We regularly undertake research and development projects, allowing us to bring innovative solutions to complex project and accelerate the delivery of net zero.

Leading in innovation

Our work on R&D projects to date has allowed Gridimp and our partners to bring new solutions to complex energy issues that can be delivered in the real world. Our highly skilled team regularly lead and participate in projects that help connect businesses and people to the smart grid and bring greater levels of zero carbon flexibility to energy networks.

  • Smart Grids

    We specialise in connecting businesses to the smart grid and focus our energy on identifying and developing new innovative solutions to remove barriers of entry that prevent businesses becoming part of the smart grid. Our projects focus on greater participation and sharing the benefits that a smart grid bring such as energy security, reliability of supply and network decarbonisation.

  • Flexibility Projects

    Our work on flexibility has allowed us to bring more participants and plant into flexibility markets by finding efficient, innovative ways to bring this flexibility to network operators. This has allowed our projects to support a diverse range of businesses operating different types of plant. We also focus on ways to promote and share the benefits of flexibility across the supply chain including, novel equitable revenue models, decarbonisation and ways to mitigate against price fluctuations.

  • Human Factors

    Understanding human interaction with energy is an area we continue to work on. This work allows us to understand people’s tolerance for accepting flexibility in their energy use. It is generating more in-depth knowledge and more accurate predictions of the volume of flexibility that can be harnessed to support achieving Net Zero.

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