National Grid Demand Flexibility Service

Gridimp's National Grid Demand Flexibility Service

Gridimp Approved Provider - Demand Flexibility Service - Winter 2023 to 2024

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National Grid's Demand Flexibility Service (DFS), launched last winter, is continuing over the 2023 - 2024 winter.  If you haven't already joined us, it's a great way to start participating in the smart network, bringing revenue for using less electricity at certain times of day and supporting the UKs network. 

As an approved National Grid provider we are recruiting new partners, that can bring 100kW to the programme, for winter 2023-2024. 

Contact us now to find out more and request to sign up. 

Below is a summary of how last years programme worked.  National Grid haven't announced exactly how this year's programme will be administrated or the prices, but it will give you an idea of what to expect and how it works. 

How does the scheme work?

1. Complete our sign up form, which you can request by contacting us

2. Sign up and provide us with access to your half hourly meter data, so we can register you on the scheme

3. We will send you an email the day before an event telling you the times you will need to turn down your electricity use.  

4. You will need to 'opt in' to confirm you can participate in an event, no later than 9.30am the day the event is due to take place

5. Turn down you electrical use during the event times.  If you don't have Gridimp technology installed you will need to turn down your electricity use manually. If you do Gridimp can automate this process for you.

6. We verify with National Grid the volume of electricity you turned down 

7. You receive a cash payment for the volume of turn down you provide. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the Demand Flexibility Service Programme? 

The programme is designed to encourage a reduction in electrical use at certain times of the day by paying participants a minimum of £3,000 per MWh.  The programme is running from November 2022 to March 2023 and there will be a minimum of 12 events during that period. 

Why has it been launched? 

DFS has been launched to help improve security of the UK electrical network by ensuring there is enough electricity to meet demand when the grid is under pressure, typically during peak demand periods.  

Who monitors the scheme? 

The scheme is administered by the National Grid, you can find us on the approved provider list here

Can Businesses take part?

Yes the scheme is open to all businesses but they must: 

  • - Have half hourly electricity meter data, which can be shared with us
  • - Be able to turn down 'typical' electrical use during an event when requested by National Grid
  • - Not be participating in ancillary services, capacity market or the balancing mechanism.

How can businesses use less electricity during an event?

You can use less electricity during an event by: 

  • - Turning off plant that is typically running 
  • - Turning on any generation technology you have
  • - Using energy stored in technologies such as batteries 

How much could I earn? 

The scheme pays £3,000 per MWh of electricity turned down during an event.  This could be higher if the grid is under more pressure, for example due to a particularly cold period. We will send you cash for the volume of electricity you turn during each event, minus our fee for aggregation / settlement services and for administering your participation in the scheme.  If you have Gridimp technology installed this service will be covered by your existing terms and conditions. 

How many DFS Events will there be? 

We don't know exactly how many events there will be, but National Grid have committed to requesting at least 12 events during the scheme.  There may be more if we have a cold winter. We encourage you to join up and participate as early as possible to maximise the number of sessions you can take part in. 

How will we know when an event will take place?

We will email you the day before an event is due to take place with the scheduled times. 

Do I have to participate in each event? 

No - you don't need to participate in every event.  We will send you an email the day before an event is due to take place asking you to 'opt in' to participate.  If you 'opt in' but aren't able to participate during the actual event you won't be penalised, you simply won't be paid.  We encourage you to opt in and take part in as many events as possible.  

How do Gridimp access half hourly mains meter data?

We need access to automatically fetch your half-hourly fiscal meter data via FTP as CSV files.  This can be arranged by your meter operator / data aggregator.  All commercial energy users with half hourly meters will have an operator / aggregator. 

Why do you need access to half hourly mains meter data

Having access to half hourly mains meter data is a contractual requirement of DFS.  As an independent provider of energy flexibility, we can support multiple businesses and help them access the scheme regardless of whether or not their energy supplier is taking part.

Do Gridimp calculate our typical electrical use? 

Yes, Gridimp will calculate your typical energy use during a given period in line with the scheme requirements.