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Automated energy management decisions made by the impHub.

Analysing multiple onsite data points the impHub delivers the right energy management actions to save energy, cost and carbon.  The impHub responds to energy market triggers and grid operator calls to generate revenue.

Automated actions dispatched include: Optimisation, Load Shifting, Flexibility Markets & Remote Control.


Automated turn down procedures of non-critical plant during non-operational times, reducing wastage in terms of consumption, cost and carbon.

This is done in consideration of user intent and asset use & purpose i.e. whether the energy use is critical or noncritical. For example, comfort cooling, like air conditioning, versus server room cooling.

Optimisation graph
Optimisation graph
Optimisation graph

Automated Load Shifting

Automated load shifting of energy use to cheaper periods of time, to avoid high energy prices & reduce overall system carbon delivery.

The impHub identifies peak charging periods and the plant responsible for high use during these times, such as HVAC and automatically adjusts its use to shifts use to cheaper periods of time, without impacting user comfort.

Moving energy consumption from expensive times of day, to another cheaper time, avoiding high energy prices & helping to reduce overall system carbon.

Cost by day
Load Shifting