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Participating in incentivised DSR contracts.

DSR contracts financially reward businesses for turning up, down, or shifting their energy use in real-time in accordance with the grid’s needs. However, it can be a complex and often expensive market to enter.

gridIMP enables businesses to affordably enter the DSR market by:

  • Identifying their capacity to respond without impacting operations
  • Remotely controlling turn up or down in accordance with the grid’s calls
  • Providing settlement data to ensure contracts are fulfilled and payments made

To support participation in DSR for your business, we would first install our gridIMP Hub.  This connects to your existing control systems, such as your BMS (Building Management System) – allowing us to leverage existing investment in equipment.

The gridIMP Hub will then automatically handle electronic signals from the grid to perform DSR responses, changing on-site systems for the response and seamlessly reverting them to pre-response states without any need for manual intervention.  The gridIMP Hub will also handle the detailed energy monitoring required for DSR participation, to ensure that you get paid in full for your response with zero hassle.

Our technology is also future proofed – with inbuilt capability to keep up with the next level of energy market changes being planned. Find out more about our future flexibility services here.